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Honesty Isn’t Always The Best Policy
September 19, 2007, 5:56 pm
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Yep, that’s a person wearing their seat belt like a good person.  And hence the reason for this post.   Sunday Ashley and I were driving home from my sister’s house and about 20 minutes from our house when he was persisted about smelling hot sauce in the car.  Normally I would just think he was crazy but that day I had purchased some hat sauce and thought “oh great the jar broke.”  So, I took my seat belt off ( I ALWAYS wear my seat belt)  to check behind the seat and make sure all was okay.  Ashley quickly and loudly tells me to lean back.  I look up dumbfounded and there goes a state trooper.  He turns around and pulls us over.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Ashley was speeding too.  We assumed it was for speeding but the guy walks up and says that he stopped us for two reasons.  Speeding and get this…. Ashley wasn’t wearing his seat belt or so it seemed to the trooper.  I started laughing because Ashley did have his on but I didn’t.  So, I tell the guy that he’s wrong in a polite way and explain why mine was off.  He says and I quote verbatim, “Why thank you ma’am for being so honest with me because I didn’t notice you had your seat belt off.  I do appreciate your honesty in the situation. ”  He then proceeds to ask us both for our driver’s license and we give them to him.  He comes back 20 minutes later and gives us BOTH a NO SEAT BELT ticket.  Are you kidding me???  I laugh and he asks what’s so funny and I told him I couldn’t believe he was giving me a ticket when he didn’t even see that i didn’t have mine on.  So, I have decided that honesty isn’t always the best policy.  The tickets are $100 a piece.  Yep, $200 dollars down the drain.   My advice to all you all out there always wear your seat belt and if you don’t have it on for 1 minute DO NOT tell the cop that!

So, today I received all the poster, fliers, etc for the blood drive.  And I have to say that they are even more gorgeous in person.  I cried when I saw them today and couldn’t help but wonder if Parker was smiling too.   I am really excited about the drive but it brings back so many raw emotions.  So many people have asked about Parker and what happened to her and reliving the story is numbing. 

We were talking about placement of the Christmas tree this year and I had the greatest vision of Parker pulling ornaments off the tree and feeding them to Pep and Ryleigh.  And watching her open gifts with her cousins, Karsen and Caden.  It brought tears to both Ashley and I.  The holidays are really hard.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Ashley’s birthday, Christmas, our anniversary and then my birthday all right in a row.  I wonder what she would have been this Halloween.  I wonder so many things.  Things I will never know until I see her again in Heaven.   I ask that each of you pray for us and for the other CDH families.  The holiday seasons are hard for those of us who have lost and for those who didn’t physically lose, well they lost something too. 

I went through all of Jenn Miller’s pictures last night and cried my eyes out.  What a story pictures can tell.  The hardest one for me to see was Penny holding Audrey.  Penny is Jenn’s MIL and passed away months ago from cancer.  It is a great picture of the two of them.  How sad that Audrey won’t know her Grandma Penny.  I stop and I think I have it so hard and then I see something like that and I realize that I don’t.  Life is hard.  And it sucks sometimes.  A lot of times.  But how blessed we all are to be alive. 

God has given Ashley and I so much to be thankful for.  And it’s taken us some time to be thankful but we’ve come around.  And I know that Parker is so proud of us both. 

This post was somewhat random but that’s my life.  Well, it’s time to go meet my girlfriend so we can walk.  We walk three nights a week now and I feel so great about it. 

Until next time my friends……


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I can’t believe it’s $200, that is nuts!! Our seatbelt tickets, I think are like $25 or $35. I can’t remember, although I should since I got one. The seatbelt thing is seriously a sensitive subject with me too, I think you should wear a seatbelt but it’s totally ludicrous to give someone a ticket for not wearing one. What kind of communist crap is that? LOL

See, I told you I was passionate about it.

Take care,

Comment by amyszoo

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