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Whew It’s Over…..
September 21, 2007, 9:53 pm
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Well, two hours later the interview is over.  It went great!  The reporter, Rhonda, was so easy to talk to.  She shared our laughs, our tears and I believe even part of our loss.  I think it’s impossible to meet us and not feel our loss and a bond with Parker.   Her story has touched so many lives in the 16 months that she has been gone from this Earth.  I am constantly amazed at how inspirational her story is. 

We are so excited to read the article.  I know that she will do a great job and will do Parker justice.  What a wonderful person she is and I am so glad that Parker brought her into our lives. 

This journey has always been a rocky one but has always been a rewarding one as well.  Life dealt Ashley and I a hand we were not prepared for but through our faith, family and friends we are survivors.  We will continue to survive and will continue to support other families in our position. 

I will post the article as soon as I can.   It comes out in Tuesday’s edition.  We are both so excited!!!

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This is so awesome. You have done so much good. I know that Parker is so proud of you and Ashley. I can’t wait to read the story.

Comment by Carole

dear jess and ashley im sure you did right by parker, you always do, so dont worry. im anxious to see the story…by the way good luck with the drive and everything i will praying fora great turn out.

Comment by whitney

I’m so glad that you were able to do this. Hopefully it will get awareness out and lots of blood will be donated in Parker’s honor!

Comment by amyszoo

This is such a special opportunity for you all to touch other families who are hurting. I look forward to seeing the article.

Somehow I lost your e-mail, so I couldn’t reply to your questions on my blog, but I did want to answer them. As far as the photography thing, I’m definitely an amateur, but I enjoy the learning process and being able to do some portraits for friends and family (and catch our little guy). The watermarks are mostly because of a few sites I posted the pics on. I try to make it a little harder for people to use the ones I care about being stolen.

I love love love my camera! I’m so happy I scrimped and saved to get a DSLR almost 2 years ago. Mine is a Nikon D50, and I have a 28-80 lens and a fixed 50mm f/1.8 lens, but my wish list is ever-growing.

I hope you all are doing well. I know this can be such a crazy time of year for farming families (of course, aren’t they all?) especially with the weather we’ve had this year.

Comment by Crystal

Ummmm, lol….I thought you were keeping your other blog and not this one, so I haven’t checked this in like a week! I was wondering where the updates were. Haha, I blame you for the fact that I nosily just read up on your life for the last hour, instead of doing any school work!! And even though I’ve talked to you on MSN the last couple of days. I’m glad I found you again.

Love Lauren

Comment by Lauren

I can’t wait to read the article, jes! Great job!

Comment by Shawn C

I look forward to reading the article!

Comment by South Carolina Mom

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