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October 1, 2007, 11:06 pm
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That’s the story of my life these days and to be honest I am really enjoying it!  The newspaper article came out and it was beyond what either of us expected.  I wish I could post it but the newspaper hasn’t been able to update the website with the information yet as they are having some issues.  I will take a picture of the newspaper and post that tomorrow.  The picture is quite hilarious to be honest.  We made front page and Ashley looks like he just won the lottery while I look like I’m passing gas.  I am considering typing out the article and posting it because I want each of you to read what a great job Rhonda did. 

The blood drive went great.  We didn’t have a huge turnout and were somewhat disappointed by that but are so grateful for those who did come out.  There were several who were not able to donate because of iron levels or the fact that most of them just got back from the mission trip to Belize.  We had a wonderful time and are really glad we did the drive.  We collected 19 pints of blood so we were not far from our goal of 30.  To those of you reading who came out THANK YOU SO MUCH!   I do have pictures to post but haven’t downloaded them just yet.  I will get to that soon I hope. 

I am helping my girlfriend move in to her house.  She moved here from Kentucky on Sunday while her husband is away serving our country in Iraq!  Thanks, Todd!  I am so glad that her and Summer (their daughter) are here!  It’s nice to not be the only “outsider” and she’s such a great person so it’s great to have her here. 

Wednesday is my nephew’s birthday and he’ll be four years old.  It seems like just yesterday he was coming home from the hospital.  How time flies! 

Ashley and I are doing great.  He is in the process of picking cotton and peanuts so our hours together are few.  This time of the year is the busiest for the farm but it’s his favorite time.  I hope to get some pictures so y’all can see what it is we do out here in farm land. 

There is so much to share but I can barely keep my eyes open but wanted to get that update in before I headed off to bed.  Thanks for checking in y’all!


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hey jess, i am so glad that your article was refreshing and great! and im also sorry that your picture of you guys wasn’t what you hope, however your probally being hard on yourself, im sure you guys look great!

so after the farming season slows down will you? don’t shorten your candle girl by burning it at both ends. hows the pups? hows the business? take care enjoy this beautiful fall…..

Comment by whitney

I’m glad that the drive went well. 19 pints is still pretty good, that’s for sure! That’s 19 lives that could be changed because of people’s generousity!

It seems there is always a reason I can’t donate either. Usually my iron level is low or my blood pressure is too low. Yep, I have really low blood pressure. Opposite of most people but what happens is that the blood winds up just dripping out. It’s crazy and painful! If I really have a hankering to give I jog around the building a few times before letting them do the prelims on me to get the BP up. Probably not right but it works!

Anyway, I’m glad you are enjoying the autumn and I look forward to more pictures soon!

Comment by amyszoo

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