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October 8, 2007, 1:28 am
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So, I went out to turn on the water so that I could water the flower bed (whole different story) and almost ran into this….


I do not like spiders!  I am not afraid of most things of the bug nature but spiders terrify me.  I am not quite sure why but I just don’t like them.  So anyway I run inside to get Ashley and he comes out  and says, “Oh that’s just a garden spider.  It won’t hurt you.”  And he then walks off.  Is he serious?  It’s huge and yes it could hurt me by just touching a small part of me.  So, I went to getl some bug killer and I sprayed it.  I don’t know if it actually killed the spider because I didn’t stay around to see.  I pray that it did because I have to clean the flower bed out and redo it.  There are spiders everywhere here!  Not something I am used to so each one freaks me out like it was the first. 

 So, other than the spider incident we had a great day.  We slept in because we couldn’t slee last night and then cleaned house, cooked out and took our niece and nephew to the local pumpkin patch.  They thought they hit the lotto and were extremely annoyed by me taking pictures and insisting they pose somewhat decent.  I did manage to get a few good pictures of them and will post those once I download them.  We spent the rest of the day with my in laws and a friend of ours.  It’s late and I should be getting some sleep.  I hope each of you have a wonderful week.  And to those of you who sent me private emails THANK YOU for your support and friendship! 




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Ummm, that spider is disgusting. If Ashley was so unafraid, he should have killed it himself, lol!! I tried calling you a couple times the other day, but haven’t heard back from you. I hope all is ok – seems like it’s going in the right direction anyway. I’m here procrastinating if you’re on messanger right now or anything. Then I’m going across the street for ‘Round 2 Thanksgiving!’ Can’t wait to see the pictures when you add them!

Love Lauren

Comment by Lauren

i agree too! i have a toss up between snakes and spiders, i really don’t care for wither, however the snake would throw me into cardiac arrest…where as a spider would just throw the dirt out from under my feet as i flee the area.

with the drought here in the “burg” and rumor of a hard winter the webs and spiders are enormous…stay clesr of here!

hope you okay whit

Comment by whitney

Hey Jess and Ashley!
Hope all is well and everything is ok. it’s a shame that ignorant people with certain organizations can be so rude and down right insensative. That kind of disturbs me, but I guess they don’t want the help of a mother and father who has shared the same experience in life as themselves… Anyhow, been thinking about you and miss ya like crazy! Hugs to you all, and hey….watch out for those spiders ok.
Love Amanda

Comment by lifesjourneys

I thought spiders HERE were big – that thing is a HORROR MOVIE!!

Comment by Shawn C

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