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Houston We Have A Problem….
October 12, 2007, 12:12 am
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My Blackberry is broken!  I dropped it in the toilet and it’s dead.  Or it’s somewhat alive but won’t let me do anything.  No text messages, no email, no phone calls…  Nothing people!  This phone is my life line y’all.  It has every piece of important information that is necessary for me to function as a normal person.  I cannot call my friends because I don’t know their numbers by memory.  I can’t respond to text messages.  So first thing in the morning I will get to the phone place and without fail they will piss me off and I am sure I will be without my phone for who knows how long.  I can already feel the anxiety setting in.  Ashley is making fun of me because of my obsession with my Blackberry.  If you own you then you know what I am feeling and if you don’t you should!  Okay enough ranting about my phone. 

So on a lighter note the weather here is absolutely wonderful!  The high was 73 and the low 47!  It’s so cold out right now that we had to wear jeans and sweat shirts to go visit my sister and BIL.  I LOVE it!  It is supposed to stay this way but I won’t get my hopes us because this has happened before.  OMGosh a commercial for the new Blackberry Curve is on!  That is so not fair!

Well, there isn’t much to talk about tonight.  I am going to go sulk over my phone and catch up on some email.  My inbox is over flowing and I need to clean it out.   I have some great news to share but will do so tomorrow.  I’ll keep y’all in suspense for now! 


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Tell…tell…tell. Sitting on good news like that. I insist that you share!!! Sorry about the blackberry. Hopefully they can fix it…or at least transfer all your info over for ya!

Comment by Carole

are there supposed to be secrets between friends? tell today please ######

get your mem card out before the moisture get to it! then you’ll have your mem for the next…a urve maybe?

Comment by whitney

okay i have checked your blog 3 times and there is no new posts! im guessing your going to hold out on us?

Comment by whitney

Hey Jes…….I do read your blogs from time to time and saw the one about your phone.
If this happens again (hopefully it won’t) I heard that you should remove the battery and sim card and place the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice…it should absorb the moisture and all should be okay.

Comment by Janis

Hahahaha, omg…been there, girl! That’s awful!! I wondered why you didn’t respond yesterday. Glad it’s back today!

Love Lauren

Comment by Lauren

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