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The Long Awaited Update…..
October 12, 2007, 3:40 pm
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Okay, I have gotten tons of emails today (Whitney… LOL…)  about the “news” I talked about last night.  Well, I feel like it will be somewhat disappointing to those of you waiting.  I am NOT pregnant.  Not yet at least.  I think somehow the “news” has been built up but anyway with not further adue  here we go….

On October 1st, Major Allen, of the United States Army at Fort Bragg, NC, held a surprise blood drive in memory of Parker.  For those of you who don’t know my BIL is in the Army and hence the connection. 

Ashley and I were stunned and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.  It is amazing how someone so small as Parker can touch so many lives.  Her story is bigger than life and it brings a smile every time I think of it.   We were presented last night with a card from each solider that donated, t-shirts, and a coin.  52 people came out to give in her memory!  Men and women who give every day to our country took time out to give in her memory.  There are no words that can describe what that means to Ashley and myself.  I am sitting here crying at their generosity as I type.  Most of them have been to Iraq or awaiting deployment orders and with all that is going on in this country and in their personal it means the world to us that they came out and supported a very important cause. 

I have attached some pictures so that y’all can see.  I realize that this starts with one person, one city, one state, one country and eventually one nation.  We can do this people! 

To all of you who serve this country THANK YOU! 

miscellaneous-541.jpg    miscellaneous-544.jpg  miscellaneous-545.jpg


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oh you silly girl jess! i bet this was wonderful for you guys even more because some one else did the foot work and you got to as parents see the the noble influences that parker has set into the world.

i do get a bit baby crazy, luv ’em babies:), but i would never discount , feel deflated or disappointed of anything about parker. i think it says a lot that parker has done more since her birth then most people who live 99 years.

see, you guys are good parents, we do it a bit different, but we are proud of our babies, and we wanted them in love and faith, so why shouldn’t we be able to continue that sentiment.

take care, talk to you later, feel ‘n sicky kinda gross…going to bed!

Comment by whitney

WOW! That is amazing. Honestly all I can say is wow. Parker, you’ve certainly touched a lot of lives.

Love Lauren

Comment by Lauren

What an awesome surprise that must have been! How very special to know that people who already give so much of themselves stepped up and gave some more! Parker certainly has such an influence over so many people doesn’t she? You and Ashley are such an amazing couple. God and Parker both watch over you two everyday beaming with pride.

Comment by Christina

It made me tear up too. Probably because my little brother just graduated from the USMC academy this weekend and it’s a sensitive subject…what a great group of men and women!

Comment by amyszoo

What a wonderful gift! It really is the gift of life!
I’m so proud of all of them – and what a great way to remember Parker – that cutie!

Take care Jes & Ashley!

P.S – Are you still making those baby things?? I need an email from you please!!

Comment by Shawn C

AMEN to all of this wonderful news you have shared with Us! It’s so astonhishing that some people can be so giving and so amazing. Parker has really brought out the best in ALLOT of poeple all over the world. I am thinking of you all now and always hun…..and good luck replacing the Blackberry lol. Miss you
Love Amanda

Comment by lifesjourneys

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