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Not Much Going On
October 25, 2007, 9:17 pm
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I have been busy with work and trying to keep things afloat here at the house.  Ashley is working 12-14 hours a day, six days a week.  We are both extremely happy and enjoying our life together.  We have been through so much since we were married almost two years ago but we’ve survived and we can finally see the light. 

I cannot believe that Christmas is only two months away!  I have started shopping already and plan on finishing early this year.  Usually we wait to the last minute but not this year.  I do not want to be stressed about Christmas presents. 

Saturday I am hosting a baby shower for a dear friend of mine.  I was quite surprised that I took on the task but so glad that I did.  It has been a blast planning and I cannot wait to see the fruits of my labor.  I am working half a day tomorrow so that I can finish the errands and get the house immaculate and start preparing some of the food.  I love working and am so glad that it turned into something permanent and full-time. 

We are getting tons of rain which is a good thing if it weren’t in the middle of picking season.   I love the rain though because it reminds me of Riley Roo.  The kids are always up to something in Heaven.  I hope that Parker isn’t the ring leader! 

Well, that’s my update although it’s a boring one it’s our life.   We are both working and tired when we get home.  Not much excitement here!

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I’m so glad to hear work is going well. You and Ashley have been through so much…I vote that you get a pass for any other crap happening in life! This shower will truly be blessed with you at the helm.

Comment by Carole

I am amazed at how positive you two always are! Amazing people no doubt, and I am so glad and proud to call you my friends. Try not to overwork yourselves though, make sure to take time at the end othe day and just enjoy one another’s company Jess. Love ya and miss ya tons!

Love Amanda

Comment by lifesjourneys

Sounds like a good life to me!

Comment by amyszoo

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