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The Ronald McDonald House- In Memory of Parker Reese Singletary
December 10, 2007, 9:30 pm
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So, we are planning the room.  I am so excited about remodeling the room and bathroom for the Durham Ronald McDonald House.  I know that it will be greatly appreciated by the families who will use it and it’s a great way for us to honor Parker.  We are doing a beach theme and here are some of the items that we are buying for the room.  I want it to be a true oasis for the families that will be calling it home temporarily.  We have had some people already donate money and supplies and are so thankful to them.  If you would like to donate please email me privately and let me know.  I am going to start hitting up some local businesses for more donations. 

Keep us in your prayers as we tackle this project.  We will definitely be taking pictures of the progress so no worries.  We will go to tour the house next week for measurements and to visit with the families.  I am really excited y’all because we are able to give back.  I know what it means as some of you had to stay in the RMH while your children were in the NICU so this is for you and all the families to follow.  I truly wish there were no need for the RMH but because there is we are here to give back.

Okay, that’s that post for now.  I will update in a few with another exciting post!  I have company and need to pay attention. 

Until Next Time….


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as always i have you ashley and parker close to my heart and always in my htoughts and prayers. it seems to have been a long time rolling around to get to the room. how exciting, i just know that you will make a beautiful room and it will shine parkers love and your pride in her.

i wish i was in a better position to donate but im not, maybe later, i will how ever pray that you are given the strength and stamina to keep the pace going through all of this and the peace to revisit the ronald mcdonald house again.

take care whit

Comment by whitney

It is going to be a very relaxing and warm room for sure! You have such a flare and creative pizazz Jess. I am so proud of y’all!!

Comment by Amanda

That is so awesome! You know that the Ronald McDonald house holds a special place in my heart just because it is what it is. What a wonderful way to honor Parker!

Comment by amyszoo

well i must say…you just never stop…i am so excited for you guys…what a great project…the world is truly a much better place with you in it…

*~* :o) before you put on a frown… :o) make sure there are no smiles available… :o) *~*

Comment by Aimee


You never cease to amaze me! Your eye for detail and your passion to make everything beautiful truly inspires!!

I can’t wait to see the room!!

What a wonderful thing you guys are doing!

Love you all!

Comment by Shawn C

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