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Silence Is Golden
February 10, 2008, 10:54 pm
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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
– Sir Winston Churchill

As most of you are aware lately there has been much animosity between several parents and a few CDH support groups.   It has all been blown out of proportion and many feelings have been hurt and people betrayed.  Lies have been told and children’s names been drug into the battle. 

I cannot do this anymore.  I will not fight anymore with anyone.  My name has been drug through the mud so many times and I have tried my hardest to prove that I am not what she says I am.  I have never put her name or her organization’s name out there because I have never wanted people to do a search and find the negativity.  But yet she has my name and my daughter’s name along with our new organization posted on a timeline for all the world to see. 

Being the bigger person is hard.  It is not easy to just sit back and watch people attack you and spread lies about you but I started this mission because of our daughter and because of CDH.  I will not let her lies and negativity destroy that.  I will not let her get me off track.  I will not stoop to her level. 

I have said some horrible things out of anger and hurt and for that I sincerely apologize.  I am going to the be the bigger person and I am walking away from this whole mess.  I am going to honor our daughter and getting involved in the drama isn’t doing that.  Creating timelines, spreading lies, fighting with CDH families and defaming and slandering others isn’t honoring our children.   I will not take part in this anymore. 

For my part I am sorry.  I hope that it all works out and for those of you who are part of our orgnization I ask you to not visit her website, her timeline or anything else associated with her.  And for those of you who are part of her organization I ask you nicely to please leave us alone.  Do not visit my blog, my daughter’s website, our organization’s website or anything else associated with us. 

So, from now on we will remain silent.  I do hope that you find peace in what you are doing. 


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Ahhh, Jes. It is so hard fighting an already uphill battle, let alone having to push a boulder with you!

You are a genuine heart – with an amazing soul.

I’m with ya.

Comment by Shawn C

hey jess
sorry i didn’t know that again your in the melting pot…never ends huh. i was unaware that you had an organization for cdh. good luck and i hope you make some progress.

Comment by whitney

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