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Finally…. Reb and Kelly Update
February 14, 2008, 11:48 am
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It has taken me some time update about this because one I’ve been super busy and two I hadn’t downloaded the pictures until today. 

What an AWESOME experience y’all!  The Crown Colesium is a small place which makes for a great concert and great seats no matter where you sit.  Our tickets weren’t awesome (floor) but they weren’t too shabby either.   And thanks to my first year anniversary gift I was getting some awesome shots of the gals. 

Melissa Peterman better known as Barbara Jean did her stand up comedy for about 35-45 minutes and introduced Kelly and Reba.  She was quite hilarious and that girl has lost some weight!  She looks awesome and is just as funny in person as she is on the show. 

The show lasted two and half hours!  It was amazing!  I truly wish that y’all could have been there with me.  Ashley and I both sat on the edge of our seat anxioulsy awaiting to go back stage.  When the concert was over we both made our way through the crowd and were directed by what are no officially the dumbest poeople alive.  They sent us in several different directions all of them wrong.  We finally got downstairs and presented our All Access passes and made our way to the backstage area.  We met up with Jeff King (member of the band and family) and were told we missed Reba.  She had left already!  Yep, you heard me right!  Jeff said he came out to look for us but couldn’t find us.  That’s because some idiots had us going everywhere but where we were supposed to be going!  Ugh.  So anyway we are backstage and talking to Jeff when none other than Kelly Clarkson comes by and speaks to us.  Yes, she talked to us!  What a friendly person!  I mean of course because she’s from Texas!  Duh….  She had no makeup on and was in her pj’s so we weren’t allowed to take pictures.  She is a super nice person and what an honor to meet her.  We later went to tour the buses and hung out with both bands for a while.  It was a blast.  They were all so in awe of Ashley’s profession and even asked him to bring them some peanuts next time there were in town.  We were told that we always had backstage passes when they were in town. 

This was a great experience and something we will never forget.  So next time I’m meeting Reba come hell or high water.  Enjoy the pictures and video y’all! (I’m working on the video.  Tried to upload last night and it wouldn’t work)

miscellaneous-963.jpg  miscellaneous-964.jpg  miscellaneous-977.jpg  miscellaneous-979.jpg  miscellaneous-993.jpg  miscellaneous-1025.jpg  miscellaneous-1031.jpg  miscellaneous-955.jpg  miscellaneous-991.jpg  miscellaneous-993.jpg   miscellaneous-1022.jpg  miscellaneous-1031.jpg  miscellaneous-1032.jpg  miscellaneous-1034.jpg  miscellaneous-1037.jpg  miscellaneous-954.jpg


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I can’t believe you missed Reba…ugh! She’d have been the whole reason I would have wanted to go. I just love her. As a matter of fact I’m watching Reba right now!

That’s funny that you can’t take pictures of Kelly Clarkson without her makeup on. You can find them anywhere. I think she prefers to not wear it. Maybe because she has a bad complexion or something.

Anyway, I’m glad you had a good time. It sounds like the concert was awesome. I love it when they are that good! Too much fun!

Take care,

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