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It Still Stings Two Years Later.

Today 2 years ago we were diagnosed with a rare birth defect known as Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  For those of you who know our story you know the impact this day had and continues to have on our lives. 

I remember sitting in the waiting room with Ashley.  My legs shaking badly because I knew something was wrong with our little girl.  It was a gut feeling.  We made our way into the room and for almost an hour and half they took measurment after measurement of Parker.   When we were told about her CDH I felt my world changing in the matter of seconds.  I knew we would walk out of that office and our lives would never be the same.  I cried for days wondering what would happen to our little girl.  A little girl we were told we would never have.  A miracle from our Lord. 

I don’t know how to confront this day each year except to honor our little girl and those babies who have been or will be diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. 

We have met many wonderful people through this journey.  Too many to mention.  We are thankful and grateful to each of them for what they have given us.  This journey would not be possible without God and our family and friends.  Thank you to each of you! 

Well, now that I cannot see through my tears I’m going to close.  Please just say a prayer for us as this day is a hard one and means that her birthday is a month away.  Wow, how time flies. 


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i have had to catch up on a few of your posts and am happy to hear that you guys are going to try to get away…you deserve a break…

well you know that you are in my thoughts quite often…i never could imagine being as strong as you have and taking all of you feelings and put them towards encouraging others to stay tough…

you both are beautiful and incredible people…

*~* :o) most smiles are started by another smile… :o) *~*

Comment by Aimee

Thinking of you today.

Comment by Kristyn

Jessica & Ashley:

A huge big hug to the both of you today. It totally sucks.

It is an honor to be part of something that is doing so many good things for babies everywhere. Thank you for allowing me to follow your journey and to know Parker the wonderful ways you have talked about her. You two are amazing – Parker is pretty darn amazing too. 🙂

Comment by risingangel

I think of you often. Sorry, I wish I had more words of encouragement. All I can offer is Job 23:10: “For when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

Praying for you,

Comment by South Carolina Mom

Love you so much girl. I know it’s rough – all I can do is offer hugs and an ear for ANYTHING you need. Love you!

Comment by Lauren

I imagine the memory of this day would always sting. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be told such a thing. I’m so glad that you have found a good support system though to hold you up in these past two years. There is truly nothing like that!

Take care,

Comment by amyszoo

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up again. I am a horrible slacker when it comes to reading blogs anymore. I am always thinking about you and can’t imagine how hard it must be for you. You have both come so far, and I know that Parker is so proud of you!! How could she not be. You’re both amazing people and I love you both tremendously!!!

I am rooting for you with the WW, and know that you will be successful at reaching your goal. I am also applauding you for encouraging Ashley to join you in this journey. Setting realistic goals for yourself is awesome and a great way to start. Small steps to get into the new lifestyle sweetie, and before you know it, you’ll be exactly where you want to be.

Also I am totally elated that you are going to Mexico!! You two deserve a vacation away together. It will be awesome, and a great opportunity for you two to really get emotionally and physically closer. It’s always easier I find, when you’re away from home and away form all of the stress to romantically rekindle the sparks! lol

So when is the trip?

I can’t wait to see you soon sweetie!

Love Amanda

Comment by Amanda

12 more days til we meet!!! YEAH!

Comment by Amanda

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