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Update, New Place To Go and Other Stuff.
April 17, 2008, 11:18 am
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Okay, so you can go to Carepages (ZacharyDavis) and visit Zachary’s page for an update.  Please keep this family in your prayers as they still need them.  If you have time please leave them a message of encouragement.   We love you Davis Family!

Okay, so many of you know Sheri Smith.  Wonderful and inspirational woman.  She gave birth to 3 CDH children.  All boys.  Jacob, Chance and Jaxtyn.  Her first two boys passed almost 17 years ago.  Sheri is a knowledgeable woman when it comes to CDH and extremely passionate.  She has searched for many years to find a way to honor her children and just recently she did.  She started a support group called, Stars of CDH.  It’s a Yahoo Group for any family, friend or medical professional who is seeking support for CDH.  There are many women already there and it’s a great place to just talk to people who get it.  I highly recommend this place as this women truly it a great person with no hidden agendas.  She just wants to help other families!  I am proud to call her my friend! 

We leave tomorrow after I get  off of work for Charleston.  I packed almost everything last night.  All the laundry is done except one load.  I will finish that tonight.  I have to pack our toiletries tomorrow morning and then we are set to go.  Ashley is dropping the girls (Pep and Ryleigh) off at the vet because they will keep them for us while we are gone.  And give them a much needed bath.  Somehow they managed to run off in the woods and get cow poop (shout out to Cristin) on them.  Ugh.   The weather is supposed to be gorgeous while we are there so we are looking forward to getting some color on our very pasty skin. 

Work is still good.  Busy but good.  I am trying to get everything caught up before I leave next week for Canada.  Otherwise my office will be a disaster when I return.  Oh who am I kidding it will be one anyway because my boss I swear is allergic to anything clean.   It drives me crazy because he messes up and I have to clean up.   Overall he’s a great boss.  He’s kind hearted, understanding and has a good personality.  I like him but like most men he annoys me at times. 

The weather here is gorgeous.  I hate having to work inside sometimes especially when the weather is like it is today.  I have no window either.  Only one office has a window and it belongs to the big man. 

Well, I better get some work done.  My dad is coming in town for the night so no working late tonight. 


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Maybe a sledgehammer is just what ya need to ‘open up your room’ at work, Jes!!

Your boss won’t care – betcha he wouldn’t even notice!! LOL

Have a great trip! I sure wish I was joining you – but one day….ONE DAY!!!

Comment by risingangel

My mom (who keeps up with a lot of CDH babies on CarePages) had just e-mailed me asking if I had heard of the new group. I was wondering who had started it–great for Sheri! I’ll have to check it out.

Have a great time on your trip! I know absolutely nothing about tennis. 😛


Comment by Kristyn

Heidi just told me about the new group and I joined today… looking forward to connecting with folks there…

Hahahaha on the shout out!!! Well today it’s puke AND poop!!!

Comment by Cristin

Have a great trip and enjoy the sights of Charleston!

Comment by South Carolina Mom

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