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Midwest Floods Destroy 5 Million Acres of Farmland.
June 18, 2008, 3:52 pm
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Our hearts go out to the farmers who have lost literally everything.  Many people have no idea that as farmers our livelihoods depend on our crops.  My heart breaks for them and I am asking you tonight to take 2 minutes and lift them all up in prayer.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the farmers and every one who has suffered from the floods.


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Thankfully some places are starting to dry out–I just saw a farmer out today replanting, but those are just a few fields that had ponds. Some fields are totally under with little to no hope of re-planting. Some hadn’t been planted at all because it has been a wet spring.

My dad and his brothers are lucky in the fact that they got everything in (corn and soybeans) and I don’t think had too much water anywhere. Now they are just having trouble getting back into the fields to spray and it hasn’t been dry enough to make hay. This week they should’ve been able to get lots of work done.

Prayers to everyone affected by these floods–the farmers, their families, and families and businesses who lost pretty much everything.

Comment by Kristyn

I was actually going to post something about this too, because I live in the middle of it all! My farmer friends have had to plant their fields 4 times now, the corn (supposed to be knee high by the fourth of July) is like one inch tall and it is yellow!! Our own garden was destroyed by the flooding too. So sad for my tomatoes and beans. I think the squash may make it, they are pretty hardy!

I’m sure our farmer friends would appreciate all the prayers you send!

Comment by Amy

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