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Update on Seth.
July 1, 2008, 9:58 am
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Seth didn’t have a good night last night. His blood pressure went up so they lowered the pressure of the ECMO from 100% to 95% to try to get it down. Then his blood pressure dropped to much and they had to turn it back up. Also yesterday we noticed these little red dots-the size of pin heads-on his arms, legs and feet. They weren’t sure what they were. Well this morning they were worse-alot worse. At that time he looked like he was bruised across his chest, down both arms, on both feet and going up his legs. His right arm and hand was the worse. There were some places on his face as well. By this evening some places have cleared up some. His right leg, foot, and especially his right arm and hand still look really bad. The places across his chest look a little better. The dr and nurses were very concerned this morning because all this came on in less than 24 hours. They started drawing blood and running cultures to see if there is an infection. So far the preliminary tests are all negative but the final results aren’t in. They are not sure what has caused this, they say there are different things that could be going on. But as for anything else not much has changed. They did start trying to pull more fluid off today, not sure how well that went.

We were able to meet with the PICU dr and with the surgeon today. The PICU dr talked to me and Russell this am and showed me the x-rays (Russell had already seen them). He pretty much explained to me what he had already explained to Russell. (that info is pretty much what was in the last update) Our meeting with the surgeon went well. He didn’t tell us really anything that we didn’t already know. He did tell us though that Seth is where they would expect him to be on day 5 of ECMO. So that was encouraging-I guess. He just said we were gonna have to wait it out. They are hoping in the next few days they will be able to see more on the x-rays. He did say that Seth would not have his surgery until he could possibly be weaned off the ECMO-unless they felt the surgery would be needed before then. Right now they want to wait and sorta let his body do things on their own.

Thats about all we know at this time. Seth is in much need of all the prayers he can get right now. We really need to see his lung growth!!! He is stable but still very, very critical!!

With faith, hope, & love,



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Oh, I do hope he gets better. My hopes and prayers are with that family!

Comment by Amy

We are praying here for baby Seth as well. Please keep us updated.
God Bless,

Comment by Stacy

We’re praying for little Seth too!!!

Comment by risingangel

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