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sTORI Telling, Corn and Party Planning.
August 5, 2008, 7:30 pm
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Well, today in the mail was the book I’ve been waiting on for 2 whole weeks! 

I started watching Tori Spelling’s show “Tori & Dean: Inn Love: a few years ago and absolutely adore her!  I was a HUGE fan of 90210.  I have started collecting all seasons on DVD.  She was never my favorite.  Actually she was my least favorite.  I always thought she was just a spoiled brat until I started watching her show.  It’s so funny how we just assume that what the media says is true about celebrities.  Anyway, I’ve already read the first four chapters and the book is good and juicy!  It’s definitely one I cannot find myself putting down.  I also got The Last Lecture today.  I will read that one next.  I’ve heard from many that it is an inspirational book so I’m looking forward to reading it.  I had promised myself several months ago that I would start reading again but I’ve been so busy with the foundation that I haven’t had time.  So, anyway, if any of you are interested sTORI Telling is a good one so far…..

I totally have to brag on Ashley for a moment.  He is truly one of the most amazing men I know and one of the absolute smartest.  And I don’t just say that because he’s my husband.  He truly is intelligent.  And he knows the most useless information ever.  One of the things I love most about him is how passionate he is about farming.  He has always told me that it’s not a career but a lifestyle and he’s right.  Being a farmer’s wife isn’t easy all the time.  I know, I know…. Being a wife isn’t easy all the time but being a farmer’s wife takes a patient person.  Something I haven’t always been good at and still find myself struggling to be.  Being a farmer is strictly about faith.   Ashley can do everything perfect (and he does because he’s anal like that) but if we don’t get enough rain or too much rain we lose our crops.  We lost the majority of them last year because of the drought.  It was hard on us but we just trust that God will see us through.  He always has in everything we do and last year was no different.  Anyway, I’m getting away from the point of this story.  For a while there (while the Midwest was flooding) we couldn’t get a drop of rain to save our lives crops and we were getting worried.  Really worried.  We prayed for rain as we watched his crops wilt.  And then one day rain fell and it didn’t stop.  Our crops are amazing now.  His peanuts are so thick you can’t see  down the rows and his corn is twice the size it was last year and it’s not even time to pick those babies yet.  My husband is a brilliant and honest farmer (those are hard to come by) and I am so proud of him.  He is creating something to leave to our children.  He makes me so proud to be his wife.  So drumroll please…….

Isn’t it gorgeous????

So, just keep praying for us that the rain comes in spells and our crops continue to be wonderful and big.  Really big! 

The foundations is continuing to go smoothly (keeping fingers crossed).  We are planning a dedication/cookout for Parker’s House on September 27th and are going to have quite a crowd there.  I am so excited as I love to plan parties.  There is nothing greater than the joy that comes with planning and throwing a successful party.  They are always stressful but always fun.  I think I have finally picked an invitation but I’ll keep shopping for the next few days to make absolute sure.  An invitation says so much about your party and your ability to plan a successful party.  I’ll give y’all a sneak peek and let me know what your honest opinions are. 

I am starting on the invitation list tonight and then will start contacting vendors for food and entertainment.  I am also going to create some committees to make things just a tad bit easier for me and those who are surrounded by me (i.e. Ashley, Pep and Ryleigh).  We are going up the house in two weekends to do some more work.  I cannot wait to have things tip top for the party.  We are going to be showing the house off to several people in the community including some docs, nurses and potential sponsors. 

No new update on Ashley’s grandfather.  There is no change.  Nothing worse and nothing better.  Please continue to pray for him and Ashley’s family.  I guess sometimes no news is good news. 

We are contemplating buying a new puppy.  The baby making is on hold as we have not had any success and Ashley is having second thoughts, cold feet or whatever you want to call it.  I have always wanted a Weimaraner because they are absolutely beautiful dogs and I found a breeder in North Carolina.  I told Ashley we have to our fence put up before we get another dog.  I mean how could you say no to this face?

Well, the update was longer than I thought it would be.  I am going to catch up on my shows that I DVRed.  I have found some new ones that I am so addicted to which is not a good thing because I have tons that I watch already.  I’m a huge tv junkie and it’s really bad.  Anyway, off to watch some tv and finish the laundry.  My niece and nephew are finally home from Texas and they are staying with me for the weekend!  Trying to get the chores done before then so we can have some fun!


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The book looks great – love the cover!
A new puppy?? How exciting!! Get that gate up!

Congrats on being the best, Ashley!!
The September 27th invite looks fabulous!! I so wish I coul be there!!

Anything you nee, Jes – please let me know.
Love you guys!!

Comment by risingangel

I’m off to put the book on hold at the library! John will watch “Tori & Dean” with me, except last night he had a headache and to be nice I turned it off right before she went in for her c-section. I’ll have to catch the rest of that espisode on re-runs.

You and Ashley HAVE to get to Iowa sometime! 😉 I would love for him to see my dad’s farming operation and John could take him through some of the John Deere production lines. Is that what your corn looks like right now (close to being harvested)? I need to take a picture of my view out the patio window–I have a whole post just about corn floating around my head.

The party sounds wonderful!! Good luck with the planning. And the puppy is adorable, too.

Comment by Kristyn

We’ll harvest the corn first of September. It’s twice the size it was last year and it just keeps growing! I cannot wait to read your post about corn!

And we definitely need to plan a trip to Iowa. My sister-in-law is from Iowa. Most of her family still lives there. And forget Ashley I want to go through the John Deere production lines…. 🙂

As for Tori, well I cried when she had Stella. She seems like an amazing mom and I’m so addicted to her show! Her house is awesome and did you know that it’s the first house she has ever OWNED? The book is great girl. I’m on Chapter 6!

Comment by parkersmom

I’ve been watching Tori and Dean too!! I love her!!! I was curious about the book so I’ll be expecting a review when you’re done ok??

That’s amazing about the crops! Yay Rain!!!

Those dogs are beautiful. I’ve always wondered if you were going to have another baby… I know it’s such a hard thing to face…. it’ll happen if it’s supposed to happen…. (and I personally hope it happens…)

Comment by Cristin

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