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What A Bittersweet Moment.
August 29, 2008, 5:11 pm
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After 2 years 3 months and some change we finally got her headstone today.  They were supposed to deliver it on Wednesday but the weather didn’t allow it and so we rescheduled to today.  I have been on pins and needles since they called us last week to tell us it was here.   It’s such a final event.  We took forever to decide what we wanted because we wanted to make sure it was right.  She deserved the best and if it meant taking our time to get that then that’s what we’d do and what we essentially did.  The process wasn’t easy.  For those of you who’ve had to do it you know what I’m talking about.  And for those who don’t I pray you never do.  I would get physically sick thinking about it while on the drive to the monument place but now it’s here and it’s in place and it’s perfect.   Just like her.  Ashley and I both love it and although it was a very bittersweet moment this morning we are so glad that it’s over with and that now we can continue to honor  and remember her with grace and dignity.  So drumroll please…….  Here it is! (P.S. Those are her actual footprints engraved in the stone)


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I got tears in my eyes. That’s great, Jes. Perfect.

Comment by Bethany

Oh Jess, it’s beautiful. I LOVE the footprints and the heartfelt words- very fitting for such a great family.

You have done so much to honor her memory and it’s amazing to see the Lord work in your lives.

Comment by South Carolina Mom

Jes, it looks just perfect. Her footprints are beautiful, I love them.

Comment by Kristyn

oh Jes, it’s perfect!

Comment by Jennifer


It was worth the wait… beautiful! Love that you were able to put her footprints on it. Love the saying. I agree that no one should have to go through what we have (parents who have lost babies). BEAUTIFUL. What a way to honor Parker.

Rachel 4/11/04 – 4/21/04

Comment by Colette

i know that this was a very difficult step in your journey with parker, its hard to sum a lifetime of love in a moment. but i think it is wonderful and i really like the little foot prints by the quote…take care and all the best to your family.

Comment by whitney

Dear Jess

Its beautiful. I know how difficult it is to chose and then finally see our childrens headstones.It really is beautiful

Lots of love Debbie
mum to Joel 24.04.06 – 25.04.06

Comment by Debbie

Absolutely perfect, Jes. Just like Parker.
The footprints really make it amazing.

Comment by risingangel

Oh my Jess, I’m crying looking at those perfect little footprints.

Comment by Cristin

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