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September 16, 2008, 9:45 am
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So, I was reading Kristyn’s blog today and I noticed her GoodReads section so I decided to check it out myself.  I had never heard of GoodReads before and am now completely addicted.  I have always been a reader.   I started reading at a very young age and could always be found with a book instead of toys.   Reading has been a way for me to escape reality on many occasions.   I can literally get lost in a book and lose all sense of time and my surroundings. 

I read a lot when I pregnant.  I didn’t work the last part of my pregnancy and I was home by myself a lot.  I’m one of those readers who says “just one more page” and end up reading at least two more chapters.  I normally always have a book in my car and purse.  Just in case.  When Parker died I stopped reading.  Then I started reading books on grief and I lost my passion for reading.  It wasn’t healing anymore for me to read.  It was more like homework from your therapist.  So I just stopped altogether.  I’d still buy books weekly but never read them.  Just kept collecting them and watching them collect dust on the shelf. 

I started reading again several months ago.  And I’m in a different place now.  Reading is fun again.  Not a chore.  I have always been a careful reader.  You know the kind that has their favorite authors and doesn’t venture out to explore new authors.  I read James Patterson, John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark and Nicholas Sparks.   Well, this time I’m going all out.  I am going to venture out and read authors I’ve never read before and that I’ve never even heard of and more importantly I’m going to trust my friends and read their suggestions. 

I’m still trying to get sold on the Twilight Series by Stephanie MyersJenn gave it some great reviews but I am just not sold yet.  I really want to be because it’s the “in” thing to be reading right now but a teenage vampire?  I mean really.   I might try it out but I also might need some more convincing. 

Anyway,  right now I’m reading two books.  The Last Lecture, which I’m almost done with, and Bridge of Sighs which is a great book so far!  I’ve never read anything by Richard Russo before but so far I’m loving this book.  I couldn’t put it down last night and read until 1 a.m. and today I’m completely exhausted.  I did bring the book with me so I could read at lunch though.  I encourage each of you to start reading and maybe we should start a Blog Book Club.  Well, I’m at work and I’m sure they’d appreciate if I did something productive today instead of blogging.  Please feel free to give your reading suggestions!  I am hoping to be able to read at least one book a week.  We’ll see how it all goes! 

On a side note if y’all are looking for a place to donate your books please donate them to Parker’s House!  I have purchased two book shelves for living room area and am taking some of my books there as I am running out of space to keep them.  If you are interested in donating your books please email me at and we’ll work something out.  We can even pay for shipping if you don’t want to or can’t.    THANKS!


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You MUST read Me and Emma by Elizabeth Flock. Best book I have EVER read!!!!

I’ll have to go through my book collection and send you some more of my faves tomorrow.

I’m all for a book blog!

Comment by Bethany

You will LOVE the Twilight series. READ IT! It is such a hard sell but I haven’t met one person who can put it down, not one! Even my 50 year old male neighbor bought them and is hooked (he sheepishly told me this weeekend!)

I’m also a big fan of The Other Bolyen Girl and its sequel, The Bolyen Inheritance by Philipa Gregory.

Happy Reading.

Comment by Jennifer

As you can see, I have the Twilight series on my “to read” list. I’m just (impatiently) waiting for them to be available at the library because I’m too cheap to buy them.

Goodreads has helped me branch out in my reading, too. If you look at my bookshelf it is mostly Dean Koontz and James Patterson with a few Anne Rice thrown in for good measure. Now when someone recommends a book, I put it on my Goodreads list and then I pull up my list and the library catalog at the same time and put holds on things.

There is always a book on my nightstand. I just finished “19 Minutes” by Jodi Picoult and “Nim Chimpsky, the Chimp Who Would Be Human”. Two VERY different books, mind you! 🙂 And now I just got “Stori Telling” by Tori Spelling–yeah!

My recommendations are:
Water for Elephants
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
The Kite Runner
P.S. I Love You
The Red Tent
(see my Goodreads for the authors)

I have a bag of books to send to Parker’s House–they didn’t fit in my other box. 😉 Most of them are kids books, but some adult fiction as well.

Comment by Kristyn

A friend also recommended Water for Elephants, but I haven’t read it yet. I’ve got a stack of books to take to the house this weekend. Just a bit of trivia….Nicholas Sparks lives 3 houses down from us and many of his books are set in New Bern and the surrounding areas.

Comment by Kellie Myers

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