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It’s Happening Way Too Often Folks.
September 17, 2008, 3:01 pm
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CDH babies are dying too often and to be honest I’m so sick of it.  I am so tired of hearing that another baby has died.  That another family will know the pain that Ashley and I know.  That another family will have a void because their child is gone.  That another family will NEVER be the same. 

This shouldn’t be happening in 2008!  I am pissed off that parents are having to bury their children because of damn CDH!  It’s a freaking hole so why can’t we fix it?  I know it’s not that simple people but it seems like it should be. 

In the last two weeks we’ve lost William Ethan, Elliott Arcile and Kaden Morrow.  Those are just the ones we know about.  There are countless others. 

I am asking you today to step up and do something.  Donate, volunteer, educate others!  DO SOMETHING!  If you don’t know what to do email me at jes_singletary@yahoo.comand I’ll give you some suggestions.  If you live in the Texas area we are having a golf tournament in October in the San Antonio area.  You can play or you can sponsor a hole.  In order for us to find a cause and one day a cure we have to advocate for awareness and research.  It starts with us.  CDH families and friends.  It’s time we make a difference.  It’s time we save these babies.

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Me too! I was just thinking about how angry I am that CDH does this to families and to those sweet little angels! It pisses me off that when we were diagnosed no one had ever heard of it!!! Why isn’t it all over the news, Oprah, talk shows, etc.??? Go Jes!

Comment by Kellie Myers

Oh Jes – so many times I’ve sat at the computer reading about all of these beautiful babies being lost to CDH. Angery is not the word I tend to use – it’s more like irate. I can FEEL it.

I’m still working on getting more letters out – they say on average it takes 3 months to get a reply – all we need is ONE thing to auction first…..a first step. I’ve emailed and snail mailed – so let’s see what hapens!

Also, I think if we all started a letter writing campaign (a serious one), people like Oprah, Ellen, ANYONE we address will have to listen, right??

Let’s just bug the hell out of them until they do!! So what if we piss people like that off by demanding CDH gets attention – we’re pissed off enough that CDH keeps stealing our children!

OK – now I’m angry again – I’m off to DO SOMETHING!!!

Comment by risingangel

You are right, Jes–we are all sick of it! You and Ahsley should be so proud of what you have accomplished with Parker’s foundation. And I know it is just a start, because someday there will be bigger things and I will be able to say, “I knew her when”. For now I’ll keep sending things to Parker’s House and spread the word through Leah’s story and hope that someday CDH is recognized by everyone.

Comment by Kristyn

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