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The Calm After The Storm.

So, we made it through Saturday.  It was a blast and we had a good turnout.  It was so awesome to finally meet Brad, Kellie and Lucy.  They are amazing people and we had so much fun with them.  It was also great to see Russell, April, Debbie and Roy again!  We have sure missed them!  The weather was beautiful.  It was such a peaceful day and I think everyone had a great time. 

We had the most amazing cupcakes!  Most of you remember that I ordered Parker’s birthday cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe Bakery in Raleigh and they were delicious so I decided why mess with a good thing.  These cupcakes were just as amazing and I think the hit of the party.  I haven’t downloaded my pictures yet so I’m stealing one from Kellie’s blog.  They were yummy!

I am so glad that the weekend is over and that I can finally relax some.  We have a lot going on right now and being able to focus solely on our family is really good and needed.  My brother-in-law, Roger, left yesterday morning for a year deployment and it was rough.  Seeing my sister, niece and nephew upset was extremely hard on me.  My sister is 15 months older and has always been the strong one.  She has always protected me and taken care of me.  She spent every day with us in the hospital and cared for me like I was her child.  Anyway, seeing her cry was painful.  And to see the fear in my niece and nephew’s face is truly unbearable.  Please pray for them as they manage their lives for the next year without him. 

We are planning our next event which will be in December and our next in February.  We are so excited about all that The Parker Reese Foundation is doing for CDH families. 

I better get back to work and will update with some pictures from this weekend later. 

And oh yeah.  Texas beat Arkansas 52-10.  Ouch!


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My heart goes out to your sister and her family. What a difficult time for them, I am sure. It is hard to see someone that you love and care for hurting. I can’t imagine being a year without Michael, it would be so hard!

I’m so glad that the party went well and you had a good turnout. Those cupcakes look fantastic and I’m sure they were even yummier than they look!

Take care,

Comment by Amy

I am glad that the dedication went well. I will keep your sister and her family in my prayers!

Comment by ittybittyblog

Can you mail me a cupcake?? Are there any left?? 😦
I’m thinking about your family – hopefully it will feel like a very short year.

Congrats on a job well done, Jes – Parker’s House Dedication was a hit!

Comment by risingangel

I can’t wait to see more pictures! 🙂 I saw those over on Kellie’s blog–and what and adorable couple! I hope they are getting settled in awaiting the arrival of Carter.

Big hugs to you and many prayers to your sister’s family. We will be thinking about all of you as they go through this deployment.

Can’t wait to hear what Parker’s Foundation is up to next! 🙂

Comment by Kristyn

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