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What Happens When You Let Your Husband Pay A Bill?
October 29, 2008, 1:37 pm
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You come home to find the water shut off.  Uh yeah he won’t be allowed to pay another bill ever ever again.  And this too is a perfect example of why God made women.


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Oh snap!

Comment by Bethany

Oh see, not in our house. God bless God for giving me Michael. Nothing would ever get paid! No joke! 🙂

Comment by Amy


I know when it’s time to read the Hydro reading (Lee’s ONLY responsibility when it comes to paying bills) – I have to make sure he’s done it.

Famous response? “I forgot”

Uh HUH – well maybe I should forget to make dinner…..pick up the kid from Daycare……buy groceries…..clean the house…..fix his computer………do his laundry…..pack his lunch for work…….make the bed………

There are sooo many more, but it’s getting depressing. You get the point though!!

You should have waited for Ashley to strip, get in the shower and THEN tell him the waters off – HAHAHAHA!!!

Nahhhh – knowing men, they would just go out and buy a case of bottled water, heat it on the stove, pour it into the tub and bathe. MUCH easier than just paying the bill 😛

Enjoy the water being back on!

Comment by risingangel

LOL Too funny (and oh so true!!) :0)

Comment by Ivy

I took over the bills as soon as we met… he couldn’t remember the last time he’d made a payment on his truck.. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Comment by Cristin

Thats funny did that really happened he didnt pay.

Comment by yari

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