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Rain. Rain. Go Away.
November 14, 2008, 12:38 pm
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Why does it always rain when we don’t need the rain?  We are farmers (obviously right) and right now we are harvesting our crops.  We WERE almost done picking peanuts and were getting ready to start back on corn and eventually soy beans.  That isn’t going to happen now for a week because of the rain we keep getting since yesterday.  It’s supposed to rain all weekend.  YUCK!  Not because I don’t like rain because I do but because I was hoping my husband would be done before Christmas so he could actually spend some time at home and not in the fields in a tractor.  When we needed the rain the most this summer we couldn’t get it to save our lives crops.  I know Ashley is enjoying being able to sleep in later than normal (he doesn’t get up at 5 am like most people think farmers do)  but he’d rather be working.  So if the rain could wait until January 1st that would be great! 

My sister, niece, nephew and myself are leaving today (in an hour) for Georgia.  My niece has a soccer tournament this weekend and we are super excited to be going.  Ashley will be staying behind as we though he’d be working but now he’ll be watching movies, playing XBOX and keeping the girls company.  I haven’t been away with my sister and family in a long time so this will be nice to get away for a while.  We’ll be back on Sunday but I’m taking my laptop because we all know that it’s surgically attached to my hip.  I feel naked without it to be honest folks.  Sad I know.

Say a prayer that we arrive safely.  I’ll update when I can!  Everyone have a GREAT weekend!


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Have a fabulous weekend, jes!

Comment by risingangel

How was Georgia? Did you or Ashley at home get some of that nasty weather? We will definitely be saying “dry” prayers for you. They said last night our 5 day outlook was dry, so I’m hoping my dad can get the rest of their corn out. The field behind us still has corn–it was harvested by this time last year.

Comment by Kristyn

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