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It’s Been A While.
January 4, 2009, 3:50 pm
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So, it’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been beyond busy and am so glad that the holidays are over.  They aren’t just hard but they are so overwhelming.  I must have been a really good girl because Ashley showered me with gifts.  My gift from Parker this year was a charm bracelet.  I have always wanted a charm bracelet and the one he got me is gorgeous and the charms he picked out are perfect.  He pays attention more than I thought he did.  I also got a Nintendo DS which I absolutely love.  Yes I realize I’m almost 32 but it is so much fun to play.  I am completely addicted to the New Super Mario Bros game.   And since I haven’t been able to walk since the day after Christmas my DS has come in handy. 

I was walking Ryleigh (our lab) Friday after Christmas and I managed to step on a large piece of glass that went through my shoe and into my foot an inch.  I dropped Ryleigh’s lease and crawled to the house.  Ashley was still asleep and I had no idea how I would get inside to him without damaging my foot even more.  Thank goodness Pep (our GSP) saw me and she ran and woke Ashley up.  He called his parents to help get me to the hospital and his dad gently but painfully pulled the glass out and off we went.  I did not have to have stitches.  His father wrapped my foot in a towel before we left because blood was literally shooting out my foot (the inside of my shoe was full of blood)  and when he did he managed to help seal the cut versus open it more.  By the time we got to the doctor’s office it had stopped bleeding.  The doctor got it all cleaned up and bandaged it up and gave me my tetanus shot and my meds and sent me home.  It still hurts but is healing well.  I can’t walk on it completely but it’s getting better every day.  I’m ready to just be able to walk on it and get back to normal.

The foundation is going great.  We have managed to help 3 families since the conception of Parker’s House in May 2008.  Our 4th family is coming this month.  Ashley and I along with some friends are going up this weekend to do some work on the house.  We are still in awe of what this foundation has become in a years time.  It is beyond humbling and every time we get a call or email from a family we get goosebumps and butterflies.  There is no greater feeling than being able to help families like our own.  We have been so blessed with donations of all kinds and there are no words to thank each of you enough for your support and prayers.  We know that 2009 is going to be even greater and we are excited about what this year will bring.    If any of you are interested in helping out with donations for Parker’s House please visit the blog to view our wish list

There isn’t much else going on here.  My brother and his wife found out they are expecting and Ashley’s middle brother is expecting.  No matter how excited we are for them both it still stings and that sucks so bad.  Please pray for uneventful pregnancies and healthy babies.   We are excited about being an aunt and uncle to two more babies! 

As always please pray for CDH families and for the CDH community.  We need prayers for peace now more than ever.  We are planning some awesome events for 2010 so keep your eye open for those.  If you know of a CDH family who needs our help please send me an email privately. 

We pray and hope that each of you have a happy 2009!


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So happy for you and proud of you for all of your success with the PRF. We’ve kind of been there to see each other’s foundations unfold from the ground up. It’s been rewarding to watch you guys make such a difference. I know Parker is proud of you. I love you, Jes!

Comment by Bethany

Hope your foot is getting better, it hurts just to read about it!

I got a DS, too–let me know if you find any other good games! I told hubby that I may want “The Price is Right” for my birthday. 😉

I can’t wait to see what these next few years hold for the PRF. We are in awe, too. We hope to help contributing in our small ways throughout the year and hope someday we can help big time!

Comment by Kristyn

I’m super excited about Parker’s House and all of it’s success! Congrats on the soon to be Auntie again status too!

Love Lauren

PS…I’m Wii addicted so I so can’t judge, lol!

Comment by Lauren

An Auntie again – wow! Congrats, Jes!
Your foot – OWWWW!!! I hope it’s better!
Nintendo DS – never played it, but I did play Rockband for the first time yesterday – what fun! I can play the B-52’s “Roam”!!

I must be a rock Goddess – haha!!

Let’s kick butt on CDH this year too! I can’t wait for Heels for Hope….how exciting!

Comment by risingangel

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