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January 19, 2009, 8:55 pm
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We are supposed to get 4 inches of snow tonight and I hope we do because I’d love to stay home from work tomorrow so I can get some much needed house work done.   We bought the most gorgeous leather recliner today and rearranged our living room with the help of my very talented sister.  It looks like a new place.  I’m going to start searching for a new dining room table for the kitchen.  We’ve decided that instead of building our dream home in the next two years we’ll stay here and add another bathroom and 10 feet to this house and pay it off in five years.  It’s a great cozy home and I love it and I’m quite attached to it.   I’m going to redo the office and sunroom/laundry room next and I’m searching for some fabric for new pillows for the couch.  Decorating is very therapeutic for me and I need that these days. 

Isn’t it interesting that while our country is in an economic crisis our new President is going to have the most expensive inauguration party in history at 160 million dollars?  Not sure this is the kind of change I want but then again he wasn’t the president I wanted either.  I guess I’ll be praying more these days that our country will survive the next four years both morally and financially. 

We had our 4th family move into Parker’s House last night.  They are the sweetest couple and we are constantly humbled by God’s work in our lives.  Please keep the Ashworth’s and Myers in your prayers.  I’m going to get back to laundry and cleaning up the kitchen. 

Hope everyone is staying warm tonight!


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I will say that at first I kinda got peeved by your Obama comments..but then I realized that just like i can never know wat it is like to not have kids and the struggle you face by this, you can never know why Obama being president is so powerful and what it means to those deeply touched by this event. I have come to respect that people can have difference of opinion but still like what you have to say…and I do like what you have to say. oh yeah, and I am so jealous of the Kat Von D pic, how cool is that!!!!!

Comment by wendy arrington


I don’t expect everyone to accept my views but before I am half white or half spanish I am a Christian. I believe in Christian values and morals. I cannot imagine the impact that Obama must have on the black community but I wish that people would see him as a person and not a color.

I will continue to pray for him and his leadership.

He has the chance to be either the greatest President in history or the worst. Things have been set up very nicely for him so we’ll see what he does with it all.

But the $160 million is ridiculous regardless……

Comment by Jessica Singletary

$160 million bucks for a party…..and I missed it???

LOL – stay warm, Jes!

Comment by risingangel

Oh, please! Jes, this is YOUR blog and YOUR views!! You shouldn’t have to justify them to anyone else!! If people don’t like what you have to say then they need to quit reading your blog. Some people need to grow up!

And I agree about people seeing Obama as a person and not as a color. This morning my mom said, “Tell me something great that Obama has done besdies be black.” If the African-American people in this country truly want equality and a lack of predjudice, then they need to quit talking about the color of peoples’ skin.

Comment by Bethany

Oh Beth…. I wish you were closer so I could hug you… No squeeze you!

I wanted to say what you said but wasn’t sure how to be PI about it. Your mom is brilliant and obviously you take after her. I am sick of hearing people talk about the color of his skin. Being a great leader will take more than being black. People are focusing on the wrong thing here and it bugs me to the point I just stopped discussing it and started praying about it.

Thanks for the comment girl!! You totally rock!

Comment by Jessica Singletary

Your letter is “P”…guess why. 🙂

Comment by bethany

I am a “believe it when I see it” kind of gal, so my hopes aren’t set too high. I like what someone said yesterday–“One man did not get us into this and one man will not get us out”. From a historical perspective, yes, it is history making. We have yet to see if he will make any change in the things that matter.

And here I was just going to comment on new dining room furniture! 😛 We are getting our new dining room set next week, I’m so excited! We’ve had our other set for 12 years now. I was looking on the PRF site to see if you needed one–too bad there isn’t any good way to get it there. 😦 I also need your sister’s help–I am the world’s worst decorator!!

Best of luck to the next Parker’s House family!


Comment by Kristyn

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