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February 8, 2009, 11:29 pm
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This weekend was wonderful!  We did much of nothing except stay close to home and actually do some much needed spring cleaning in the winter.  My birthday was Friday and it was great.  Ashley had a basketball game and then we headed to dinner with some friends of ours.  It was great to hang out and catch up with our friends.   Since my brother-in-law’s deployment in September we’ve been helping my sister with our niece and nephew and keeping them every weekend so having a weekend off was great! 

Most of you know that when we bought our house in August 2006 it was beyond ugly.  Looked somewhat like a crack house you’d see on Cops.  Since then we’ve gutted the house and totally redone it and we love it now.  But for anyone who’s remodeled a house you also know that you are never truly done remodeling until you hand the keys over to the new home owner.  There are still tons of projects that need to be done in our home but recently I fell in love with our home all over again and am super excited about getting this house done.  It’s a small house.  980 square feet and has come along way but it’s so cozy and feels like a home.  Our new project is our sun room.  And what makes this project even more exciting is that on February 18th in Charlotte, NC we’ll have our very own IKEA!  I am so excited and already putting together my wish list! 

I love the Nester because she gives practical decorating tips for normal people with normal budgets.  She recently redecorated their master bedroom and it looks just as great as before but I love the new look.  If you are looking for a change check out her blog because this girl rocks when it comes to decorating! 

We have a full week ahead of us and I’m still not sure what to get Ashley for Valentine’s Day.  Any suggestions please pass them my way!  We will have the weekend to ourselves again and so it might be a good weekend to get away or to do some home projects.  Not the average person’s perfect idea for a romantic weekend but we aren’t the average person either.  We love traveling but we also love staying home and cuddling in our own bed. 

I hope everyone has a great week!


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I have a feeling that you and I are gonna run into each other at IKEA on opening day!

Comment by curiouschadder

Woops. Left a comment under an old unused blog name. That was me saying that I hoped to see you at IKEA!

Comment by The Nester

Valentine’s Day is always a tough decide for me too – I get treated like royalty every day – so does he.

Ummm….get him a nightie and tell him he’ll just have to let YOU wear it!?! LOL!

Good luck deciding!

Comment by Shawn C

Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a great one!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day together. I say, go for the staying in bed and cuddling route. That’s always a winner!

Comment by Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging

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