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Falling In Love All Over Again.
March 3, 2009, 3:59 pm
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I’m talking about my house y’all although I do fall in love with Ashley all over again almost every single day.  That’s another post for another time. 

When we bought this house in August 2006 it wasn’t my first choice or even last choice.  It wasn’t a choice in my book at all because it seriously looked  liked a crack house you’d find on Cops.  Ashley saw beyond the knee high grass, ugly mismatched kitchen, horrible paint color and flooring.   After much persuasion from Ashley we bought the house for a mere 27K.  We took a loan out for 40K to do remodeling and such and eventually took another 13k to redo the outside of the house.  So 53K later we have this great cozy little home and for the longest time I really wasn’t completely happy with it because it’s small and just not what I wanted until I found the Nester.  I know I talk about her all the time but she helped me to fall in love with my home again.  She helped me to see that this cozy home has great bones and great potential.  I just had to see past the fact that it’s small (less than 1000 sq ft) and it’s not perfect but like the Nester says

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful

Our original goal was to be out of this house in 3 years and build our dream home which is a little over 3400 sq ft on a gorgeous 12 acre lot that my husband bought a few years before we married but our plans have changed.  We are going to stay here for another 5 years and add a master bathroom and 6 ft to our dining and living room and add some upgrades in the kitchen.  We’ll be smart and pay it off and until then we’ll enjoy falling in love with our home again…..



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Enough with all of the comments about the house upgrades. WE WANT PICS!!!!!

Comment by Brad

I’d say you are just about the smartest people around! Content and in no time your mortgage will be paid off! LUCKY!

Comment by The Nester

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