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Ready for a Break.
April 3, 2009, 9:43 am
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My sister, niece, nephew and myself are going to Charleston for Easter weekend.  We all need a break from reality and the everyday scene of North Carolina.  Ashley and I fell in love with Charleston 3 years ago and we make it a point to go back every year.   He’s not going this year 😦 because duty calls and that makes me sad because it’s “our” place but I’ll still somehow manage to drag myself out of bed at the Francis Marion and do some shopping on King Street.  My sister has never  been and I am so excited about getting to spend some time with her and show her around gorgeous Charleston.  The kids are excited for many different reasons and all my nephew cares about is if there’s a Target so he can buy a game for his DS. 

We had something really awesome happen to us on  Monday.  Something we’ve been keeping a secret for a while now and it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. 

Several months ago Duke University Medical Center approached us about the foundation.  They asked for a meeting and tour of Parker’s House.  We agreed without hesitation.  For those who don’t know Duke is where Parker was born.  They took excellent care of her and for us so to be potentially partnered with them would be amazing. 

Well we finally met on Monday.  The meeting was wonderful.  I won’t share all the details for personal reasons but if you’d like to know more you can email me privately.  Long story short we are now affiliated with Duke and are working hand in hand to help support CDH families better.  We are going to be able to count on them for so many things and vice versus.  We had a wonderful and very successful meeting with them and what an opportunity to meet so many wonderful doctors.  Ashley and I left the building patting ourselves on the back and high fiving each other.   Folks we’ve put some long hours and lots of money into the foundation and we deserved this recognition from one of the best hospitals in the state and nation.  I cannot tell you what it will mean for CDH families delivering babies in NC and what it will mean for CDH research and awareness.  I get goosebumps just typing it out.  Please keep us in your prayers as this new partnership gets started.  We are still in awe and have found ourselves pinching ourselves several times a day to make sure we aren’t dreaming.   Huge kudos to the women and men who work behind the scene and to those of you who have supported us from day one!  We are beyond blessed and will continue to fight CDH head on!!!

The guest room is almost done.  I’m putting it back together tonight and will be excited to have my office back to normal and functioning.  Ashley made a path so he could get to the computer and it’s quite a pathetic sight y’all.

I’ll be painting this weekend.  Story of my life.  I’ll be glad when all the painting is done but I have a feeling that will never be the case. 

Change of subject….. Ashley and I got to meet Davis on Monday night and what a treat.  He smiled really big at me and mom and dad says he never does that.  Can you imagine the smile on my face then and now???  He slept in my arms for about an hour and I loved every single minute of it.  He reminded me of why we have made all the sacrifices we’ve made to make this foundation a success not for us but for CDH families.  I am beyond excited for when I get to meet Carter and Bodee.  The boys inspire us every day to fight with everything in us. 

Well I better get going.   I am so glad it’s Friday!


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Davis told me he misses you already. I guess that means you’re going to have to come visit us 🙂

It meant so much to us that you were able to meet and hold Davis. We know the depth of what it meant for you to pick him up and we were honored that you could snuggle him. You guys are the best. We miss you already and can’t wait to see you again.


PS I’ve stayed at the Francis Marion, too! Love Charleston. Have a wonderful time, you deserve it.

Comment by ashworth

I’m so proud of you! You guys have done so many wonderful things for so many families and now you will help more! Parker must be so proud of her spectacular parents! What a blessing for the families. I’m glad Duke recognizes all you’ve done and will continue to do for families effected by CDH.

Comment by Christina Spencer

How exciting! I want to hear the details when you have a minute. Yay for y’all! Parker is so proud!

Comment by jenn miller

I’d love to hear the details, too!!
Jes – this is SUCH a huge step for TPRF! I’m so so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you, Ashley, Parker and Duke!!! I have goosebumps too!!!

Comment by risingangel

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