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D Day
April 7, 2009, 7:35 am
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It’s hard to believe that it was three years ago today that Parker was diagnosed with CDH.  It’s the day that literally changed our lives.  Forever.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I remember the doctors face when he came in and I knew immediately that something was wrong and then he said those three words, congenital diaphragmatic hernia.  What the hell is he talking about is all I could think.  I remember my body going limp as he said “your daughter has a 50/50 change of survival.”  I hate this day for so many reasons but mainly because it robbed me of the last month with our daughter.  I worried constantly.  Didn’t sleep.  Cried all the time.  CDH sucks.  I hate CDH.  I hate what it did to Parker and what it took from us.  I don’t know how today will go but please keep us in your prayers.  Our lives have never been the same since.  The legacy Parker has left behind is beyond amazing and we will continue to fight for CDH families despite what others say or rather lie about.  There is nothing that will stop us from doing what we set out to do a year ago.  I ask you today to take a moment and pray for all the CDH families, past, present and future.  And thanks for taking this journey with me.  In one month Parker will be 3.  It’s hard to believe and it makes me cry just thinking about it.  I’m off to get some work done and I hope that somehow I manage to make it through the day without crying.  Thanks to all of you have been such a huge support to both Ashley and myself.  We can never repay any of you for that but know that are eternally grateful.


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The legacy Parker has created really is amazing. I wish it were different, Jes.
Thank you for sharing your story – you have helped so many.

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