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May 1, 2009, 12:17 am
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It’s been a while since I posted but I’ve been super busy with planning fundraisers and working on our never ending list of projects for our home.  It’s hard to believe that in 6 days Parker will be celebrating her 3rd birthday.  I have several mixed feelings about it like I normally but I’m taking it day by day. 

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Columbia, SC to meet one of the most amazing women ever.  Marion Acord, Addison’s mom, and I met up to chat about some CDH stuff and about our girls.  I truly felt like I was talking to an old friend from high school.  We immediately hit it off and talked for 4 hours.  I think we both could have sat their all night long and talked forever.  I am so excited to announce that Marion is a board member of the foundation and we are so happy to have her helping us in our mission to support CDH families.  She and Jason (her hubby) are hosting two fundraisers in Atlanta where they live this June and November.  Once the details are finalized we’ll post details over at the PRF blog.  Marion is a very a special person and I am so glad that God has brought her into my life.  I wish we had met in the grocery store or at the Baby Gap as the circumstances surrounding our meeting suck for lack of a better word but God brought her into my life for a reason and I am so glad He did. 

We are starting work on the basement at Parker’s House and are so excited.  All the labor and materials have been donated which is a huge sigh of relief to us.  It is amazing what people will contribute.  Even complete strangers.  The house is such an amazing place and right now we have our 5th family there and our first girl.  Katherine Elizabeth.  She is doing great and I suspect will be going home soon which is always bittersweet for us.  The house offers so much to CDH families that other places can’t offer.  There are no restrictions on who can stay, how long you can stay or if you can bring your pet.  Duke and Chapel Hill are becoming top facilities for CDH babies and we are so honored to be working with them.  We have 3 more families coming this summer so we are working nonstop to get the basement finished.  If any of you are interested in donation linens please let us know.  We need sheets, blankets and pillows.  Or if you are interested in sponsoring a night at the house let us know.  It’s cheaper than you think! 

Well, I better get in bed as I have a busy day tomorrow.  Please remember all CDH babies in your thoughts and prayers tonight and every night.


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