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May 15, 2009, 1:11 am
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So, we managed to survive Parker’s birthday, angel day and Mother’s Day.  Her birthday was wonderful.  We went to Raleigh (2 hour drive) to pick up her cupcakes which were delicious like always.  My niece had a spring musical that night so we headed to that and then celebrated Parker’s birthday at Miyabi’s.  It was a blast!  We had cupcakes and released turquoise balloons to end the night.  It’s so bittersweet as I know my sweet girl was watching over us all day.  It’s hard to believe she’s been gone three years. 

My mom and younger sister were in town for 5 days and we hated seeing them go home.  I’ve tried a million times to get them to move here but it’s not working.  Maybe a baby would do the trick….  A baby is great bribery!  We’ve talked about having another baby but we want to wait until next year.  I’m losing weight and I’d like all of the depression weight to be gone before we try again.  And we’d like to take some more time to enjoy each other.  Who knows what’s in the cards for us.  We don’t call the shots so we’ll wait and see what God has in store for us. 

I’m going to start working on the laundry room/sun room this weekend.   While my mom was here we got it cleaned out and so all I need to do is start painting.  I have a vision of what I want put I also have three humongous dog kennels that I have no idea what to do with in there.  It makes decorating difficult and challenging.   Until we build our fence we have no where to put the girls.  I refuse to leave them outside in their outdoor kennels and I they are too big to bring inside at night and plus they stink.   Like a dog plus 3. 


This is my dream room.  I could see myself sitting in this room reading a book or sleeping or blogging.  The room has so much potential but again the dogs.  It also stores our washing machine and dryer but those are easy fixes.   I have my eye on a new set but I seriously doubt there is any type of negotiating, bargaining, begging, pleading with Ashley that would get me these until ours absolutely break down and don’t function anymore.  Although I could make that happen…..


I could easily decorate around this gorgeous piece of furniture!  I’m trying to get motivated to get the room done but to be quite honest I’m so sick of painting.  We are still painting at Parker’s House and it gets old.  Really old.  Really fast.  Once I’m done with the laundry room I’ll be done painting in our house except for a few minor touch ups in our bedroom which is our next project.   I’m going to do some clean up in the flower beds this weekend too.  Ashley’s best friend owns a landscaping business and he’s hooking me up with some bushes.  I need to rearrange the flowers I currently have and I’m going to buy some more.  I need some color but I like flowers that are low maintenance.  I’m not a green thumb.  More like a black thumb.  I’m all about the curb appeal though.  I think it makes even the smallest and coziest of homes (like ours) stand out among the rest. 

Well, it’s late and I’m rambling so I better hit the sack.  I have a busy weekend as my niece has her last soccer tournament in Wilmington this weekend and then we have a new family moving in to Parker’s House.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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We only have one dog now, and decorating still seems to be a problem for me. And I don’t even own a kennel. It’s more what I lack…creativity when it comes to decorating!

I hope you have a good weekend and get lots done in your landscaping!

Comment by Amy's blah, blah, blogging

The place is lookin FABULOUS!!!!

Comment by risingangel

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