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Master Bedroom Makeover
May 21, 2009, 1:20 pm
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I’ve spent the last few weeks cleaning out my house and all the unnecessary junk that I’ve had stored under beds, in closets, in drawers and anywhere else I could squeeze something.  I sometimes buy things without putting much thought into them and since our house is a small one we don’t have tons of space to hoard things.  I’ve been watching Clean House lately and have felt somewhat inspired to get our home organized.   I’m usually a neat freak but my house has managed to take a turn for the worse lately so I’ve been cleaning little by little.  The guest room is done and it’s gorgeous.  I still would like to get a headboard for the room but that can’t always wait.  I have my eye on one in particular from Ballard Designs  but I’m waiting on the go ahead from the hubby.  I don’t make big purchases without his approval first. 

The office just needs some cleaning and organizing and it’s done.  The bathroom done.  The kitchen a few updates like a new floor, new curtains, blinds, and a new backsplash.  That room will have to wait.  You know for a small house we sure do a lot of reno projects!  I truly thought when we purchased this home 3 years ago that we’d stay here for 5 years and then build our dream house.  The economy has us rethinking our plan.  We LOVE our home.  We can’t imagine selling it or renting it.  We are thinking about moving our home to our land and adding a master suite, bigger kitchen and a huge living room.  We could do it cheaper than purchasing a new home and we get to keep the home that helped us start our lives over when Parker died.  This home truly was and is our saving grace. 

So the point of this post is our master bedroom.  It’s not luxurious.  It’s not romantic.  It’s blah.  I love our furniture.  I love our bedding.  I hate the arrangement which we are going to fix this weekend.  I am not crazy about the color because it’s really not a color.  I’d love a soft lavendar or a blue but not sure how that would work in the room. 

Our Bedding
Our Bedding

Our furniture  is a distressed whitewash finish.   I want a bedroom that speaks volumes about who we are and that we can escape to at the end of what always seems to be a long night.   My first move is to take down our ceiling fan (ouch) and put in a chandelier.   I love my ceiling fan and it breaks my heart to take it out but I think a chandelier would be more fitting in our room.  I found three I love but of the three one I refuse to pay $999.99 for and of course it’s my favorite.  Isn’t that how it always works?





I’m going to rely on my gal over at The Lettered Cottage  to help make this process easier.  Layla is a genius when it comes to decorating.  Well, the master bedroom needs a major cleaning so I better get to it.


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So buy the first light fixture and paint it you fool! I know how much you just love to paint 🙂 And don’t worry about Ashley, just do what I do and tell him it was on sale!

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