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Praying For Texas.
September 12, 2008, 9:44 am
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Most of you know that I am originally from Texas and all of my family except my oldest sister still lives there.  Many of them on the coast.  Please say a special prayer for them today as Ike gets closer and stronger.  Not just for my family but for all of Texas who is in Ike’s path.  I wasn’t old enough to remember correction (thanks Shawn) I wasn’t born when the Great Storm of Galveston that hit at a Category 4 on September 8, 1900 that killed over 6,000 people but I’ve seen the pictures and videos and they are comparing Ike to the Great Storm.  I hope they are wrong as it would mean my family and others would lose almost everything. 

Today the gases prices spiked in my little town.  One gas station even ran out of gas.  It’s amazing how oil companies and our government will take advantage of situations like this.  Anyway, I’ll fill up at lunch as we are going to P’s House this weekend and get it ready for The Myers who’ll be moving in later in the week. 

I’m so glad it’s Friday.  And I get to spend the weekend with my niece and nephew which is an added treat!