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Preparing For Hanna.
September 4, 2008, 8:32 am
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What is a tropical storm now will soon be a category 3 hurricane and dumping on the Carolinas.  I have never been (knock on wood) through a hurricane before and am not particularly looking forward to Hanna.  Ashley has been through two really bad hurricanes.  The idea of no power isn’t one I like to think about.  Ashley says it won’t be bad.  Just a lot of rain and a lot of wind.  I’m not sure when he went to meteorologist school but that’s another story.  Anyway, just say some prayers for us folks living in the Carolinas.  Especially us newbies. 

Did anyone watch the Sarah Palin speech last night?  Amazing!  She actually had me in tears a few times and I believe her speech is one of the most moving I have ever heard.  I believe she is person people can relate to and a woman who gets things done.  I’ve never been into politics much but I watched last night at the request of Ashley and I’m so glad I did.  If you haven’t watched the speech I suggest you go online and find it because it’s worth the time.  She made a huge impact last night and I am looking forward to her being our next Vice President. 

Okay, most of you know that I’m doing Weight Watchers and for those who don’t you do now.  I’ve lost a little bit of weight since starting again and I’m doing really good on the program.  Following my points and not going over them.  Ashley and I went walking last night with the dogs and we were all exhausted when we got home!  It was so good to get out and get some exercise though and I know the girls had a blast!  We are going to start walking every night with the girls to help them get rid of some energy and us to lose some weight.  I mentioned WW for two reasons.  The first is because of the new Lose for Good Campaign that each of you should check out and get involved in.  Every pound literally counts in this campaign and it’s something I am proud to be a part of.  Secondly, Ashley and I are getting our pictures done in October and vowed we each lose at least 10 pounds before the pictures.  I’m super excited about getting our pics done because we haven’t had them professionally done since June of 2006 and because our photographer, Vanessa, is awesome! 

Well, I better get back to work.  Please keep us in your prayers as Hanna gets closer.  I’d love a day off but not because of a hurricane! 

Please check out www.theparkerreesefoundation.wordpress.comfor updates on CDH babies and events!

Grab A Drink. This Is Gonna Be A Long One.

Okay, it’s been a while since I last updated.  Life has been crazy to say the least.  We have been going nonstop for about two weeks now and to be honest I’m completely and totally exhausted.   I need some time for me but I don’t think that’s going to happen for a while. 

Ashley is playing in TWO softball leagues.  So our weekly schedule looks something like this.  830-5 work, 700 game, 930 game, 11 get home, 1 go to bed.  Yes he has two games a night.  I get home in time to change clothes grab a bottle of water and get back in the car to travel to his first game and then get in the car to travel to the next game.  See with him playing two leagues the games aren’t at the same place.  I know y’all are thinking easy solution stay home but I love watching Ashley play.  And secretly I think he likes me there.

Needless to say I’m exhausted. 

Ashley’s grandmother is in the hospital.  Her organs are slowly shutting down and there is nothing left they can do for her.  She’s an amazing woman and we know that soon her time here on this Earth will end.   Losing her husband two weeks ago was hard on her.  Please keep her and his family in your prayers.  It’s so hard to see someone you love go through so much like she has. 

Okay, my weight loss saga.  Yeah, I’m getting motivated again.  I am determined to lose the weight.  I have to lose the weight.  I am miserable with my physical appearance.  The weight gain didn’t start until about 6 months after Parker’s passing.  I think the first 6 months I was so high from the meds that I didn’t know I was supposed to eat.  I slept most of the time and then I decided I wanted to be this damn martyr and try to go through the grief process without any assistance from anyone or anything.  B.A.D. idea people.  I suddenly became this emotional eater because I was home alone for about 14 hours a day and instead of doing something healthy I ate.  All the time.  Everything I could get my hands on.  And in some really sick way it made me feel better.  It wasn’t until my sister approached me about my weight gain that I even noticed something was wrong.  I don’t know how I was oblivious to the fact I was gaining weight at the steady rate I was.  I guess when your only child dies you just don’t give a crap.  When she died I felt like I had lost a huge part of who I was destined to be.  I wanted so bad to be a mother.  And in the  blink of an eye I had lost that opportunity or so I thought.  If only I knew then what I know now.  I found a few websites that helped with the weight gain issues but never took to heart the advice they gave until I decided one day that I was going to do Weight Watchers.  Heather Southwell (Bryce’s Mom) inspired me tons and Jenn Miller (Audrey’s Mom) did too with their amazing weight loss stories.  Heather did WW and Jenn did the Skinny Cow Challenge.   I think the most important thing for me to do is OWN my weight.  Not be ashamed of who I am.  Ashley said to me the other night that he loves me regardless because he loves what’s on the inside but he deserves to have his wife back.  Not the girl who sulks in her pity but someone who rises above it.  If talking about losing weight actually worked I’d be one skinny chick.  I found this great blog thanks to Cristin called Operation Skinny Bitch.  I joined the group and talk about inspirational ladies!  It’s so nice to know that there are tons of other women just like me trying to accomplish the same goals.  I found another blog called  My Journey to A Better Me  and she tracts her monthly weight loss (or gain) and provides pictures.  She’s quite inspirational.  I’m think I’m going to create a new blog just for my weight loss.  I’m really serious about this y’all.  I know I’ve done this song and dance before but I have to lose this weight.  I am ready for a new me!  I am ready to be this girl again….

This is what I looked like when Ashley and I started dating.  That was three years ago.  I know I can do it.  I know that my desire this time around is greater than  any other time.  So OSB here I come.  I’m updating my IPOD and I’m going to find the time to walk at least 3 miles a night or morning.  I’m going to make a change in my diet.  No more sweet tea, cokes, junk food.  No more eating past 7 at night.  No more lame excuses for why I’m overweight.  Please pray for me as I embark on this journey.  I have never been overweight before and so it’s something new to me.  Losing weight has never been an issue until two years ago.  I need some cheerleaders too because I’m needy like that.  So any volunteers?

This post is completely random so please forgive me for jumping from one topic to the next. 

There were two CDH babies born yesterday.  Baby Girl Reed as most of us know her was born yesterday at 2:58 pm!!  She weighs 6 lbs 8 oz and is 19 and 3/4 inches long.  Her name is Elliott Arcile Reed.  No pics yet and no update on her condition.  I am staying glued to her blog and as soon as I hear something I will let y’all know too. 

Baby Will was born yesterday too at 8:25 am.  Please check his blog for more info as Matt and Heather posted an update late last night.  His condition is not good but as we all know these babies are fighters and so often have proved many wrong. 

Keep Cassi and Brian (BGR’s parents) and Matt and Heather (Will’s parents) in your prayers as their CDH journey really begins. 

The foundation is going great.  We will have our next family The Myers  will move in to the house in a month.  We have the dedication at the end of September and then we are off to planning our launch party.  Please check the blog for more info on our current events.  There are a few going on in NC and one in TX. 

Life is really good right now for us.  Our crops are amazing, our dogs are good, wild but good.  We are thinking of purchasing another puppy but trying to decide if we are ready for late nights and potty training again.  P’s headstone should be in at the end of the month and we are excited about seeing it.  Still stings a bit but we’ll manage to find our way through that.  We are still working on the house (yeah never ending story) and truly the house should be a blog all her own. 

Well, that’s all folks.  I need to get some work done in the office.  My boss’ father passed away on Monday so it’s somewhat quite around here.  Please pray for his family.  Mr. Worth Hester was an amazing man and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to know him. 

Remember to keep us in your prayers and all CDH families.  And know that y’all are always in our thoughts and prayers as well!

Puerto Vallarta Means Weight Watchers
April 6, 2008, 5:42 pm
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So, we booked a trip to Mexico for my birthday next year.  It was impulsive but we are both glad that we did it.  We will be staying at the Barcelo’ La Jolla de Mismaloya for 7 days and 6 nights.  I am beyond excited about going because neither of us have ever been.  We didn’t take a honeymoon because we were pregnant and then lost Parker.  We are just now getting around to taking a real honeymoon. 

As most of you know I have gained an enormous amount of weight since Parker’ death.  All in part because I was severely depressed and I became an emotional eater.   I have tried several things to lose weight and nothing seemed to work.  Tonight I took a huge step and I joined Weight Watchers Online after watching a commercial online.  Many of my friends have been on Weight Watchers and have had great success.  I feel confident that if I work the program the way I am supposed to I will be pre-pregnant weight before our trip next year.  I am going to be realistic about losing the weight.  I know that the average healthy weight to lose is 1-2 pounds per week.  I am getting rid of the Pepsi, snacks and anything else not healthy in our house.  I am going to encourage Ashley to join me in the mission as it will be easier for me.  I am going to start walking again every night.  It is so important that we be healthy together.  I want to change our lives and I believe it starts with us feeling good about who we are physically.  I want to give a shout out to two of my friends who inspire me deeply, Heather and Jenn!  You ladies rock!

I am still loving work although some days I wonder what I was thinking when I went back.  Lol….   I am the only Texas Longhorn fan in the office so when we lost to Memphis I was made fun of horribly.  Well, guess what people?  UNC Tarheels got spanked last night and I am so looking forward to going to work tomorrow and it’s a Monday!!  I’ve downloaded the Kansas fight song and will have it playing on my IPOD tomorrow morning when my boss comes in.   How sweet revenge truly is!

We are still working on the house.  We didn’t get anything done this past week in the yard because we received about 3.5 inches of rain.  And not much got done in the house either except laundry.  It’s so hard to be productive when it rains.   We are working on hanging our new interior doors today.  Not exactly a fun project since the last doors that were put in this house were when it was built in 1954.  Let’s see the hinges have about 20 coats of paint on them so getting them out without stripping the screws is almost impossible.  We’ll get it done eventually and like all the rest of our home projects it will be worth the wait and frustration.

Well, it’s time for dinner and I cannot find the spellcheck button on WordPress as it has made some changes so forgive any mispellings or grammatical errors as I don’t have time to check them right now.