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Prayers for Grandma Marion.
April 20, 2008, 10:25 pm
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Ashley’s grandmother needs some prayers.  She has been ill for sometime now but seems to be so resilient.  She has lived so much longer than some expected and I am so honored to know her.  She is an amazing woman and I love her dearly.

Tonight Ashley’s mother asked him if we would please go visit her tomorrow night.  She asked to see all her grandchildren.  She is literally losing her mind.  I am no doctor but it reminds me of my great grandmother.  She had severe Alzheimer’s and didn’t remember any of us when she passed.  It was so hard to see my grandmother like that.  To know that she lived 92 years and remembered almost none of it is still heartbreaking to me. 

I hope that my dear husband doesn’t have to witness the same with his grandmother.  I am looking forward to seeing Grandma Marion tomorrow.  She is the most humble woman I have ever met.  And I love her. 

Please pray for her.  And for Ashley’s family.