Simply A Farmer’s Wife

They Are Ordered.

So the cupcakes are ordered for Parker’s 2nd birthday.  Can you believe she’s going to be 2 already?  It seems like just yesterday she was born.   Sara Coleman the owner of The Cup Cake Shoppe Bakery is awesome!  If any of you live in the Raleigh community or are visiting go by there and check them out.  They were talked about in Everyday with Rachel Ray.  We cannot wait to see what Sara comes up with.  She is a talented woman and seems very excited that we are trusting her with such a special project.   I cannot wait to pick them up and taste them!  Yummy!

I booked our hotel last night for our trip to Charleston.  Why are hotels so expensive?  I mean you sleep and shower there.  Nothing else.  We booked one for $140 a night and in comparison to where we were going to originally stay that’s cheap people.  We wanted to stay in the Francis Marion Hotel but there was no availability and the cheapest rate was $284 a night.  Next year (as we plan to make this a yearly thing) we will stay there and I will book way in advance.  The hotel is absolutely gorgeous and I’m sad that we can’t stay there this year.  It’s in the heart of downtown Charleston which is breath taking. 

So, only two more days and we are leaving.  Ashley is getting more excited as the days pass.  It’s the 35th Anniversary of the Family Circle Cup so Rosie Casals, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, Conchita Martinez and Iva Majoli will all be present on Saturday.  I am beyond excited as these are some of the greatest women in tennis.  And Bud Collins will be there too. 

Well, it’s lunch time and I’m off to run some errands.  I am going to try and post more but honestly our lives are boring right now.  That’s a good thing too!

Nothing Exciting.

Well, I am anxiously awaiting this weekend.  We leave Friday night after work to head to Charleston, SC.  This weekend is the Family Circle Cup and we are both so excited about going.  We need a break from here so we are counting down the days!  Neither of us have been to a professional tennis match so it will be a new experience.  I started playing tennis when I was 8 years old.  I have loved the sport since then and quit playing about 4 years ago due to not having anyone competitive to play with.  I hope to change that soon as I would love to start playing again with anyone who’s willing.

In 10 days I leave for Canada.  I cannot wait to see Lauren, Amanda, Aimee and Lauren.  I am so excited about going and gosh I need my girls!  Lauren has gone through some rough patches lately and has been kicking butt in school and we need a few drinks and some girl time.  I have never been to Canada before so I’m excited about going somewhere new. 

We attended a birthday party on Saturday and that was hard.  Megan was born two weeks before Parker so seeing her is somewhat difficult for us.  I think what got me most was when we sang Happy Birthday to her.  My heart sank as I looked over at Ashley and saw the expression on his face.  I so wish that I could give our little girl back to him.  We had a good time and we adore Megan’s parents.  They have been so good to us since Parker passed.  We are blessed to have them in our lives. 

Sunday I went to a viewing at the funeral home where Parker was.   That was so hard.  I cannot even begin to describe what I went through going there.  It was like I was paralyzed.  I knew that I needed to be strong for her as she had just lost her father.  I think I made a huge step in my own grief by helping her through her own.  I had a small anxiety attack but made it through somewhat unscathed. 

I found someone to do Parker’s cupcakes for her birthday.  We had ordered a cake through a wonderful bakery in Raleigh but she is moving at the end of the month so we found someone else last night.  She emailed me today and she is absolutely wonderful!  I am excited about what she will come up with and know that it will be as delicate as Parker is.  I cannot wait to share them with y’all.  Cupcakes is the new rave this year and I found this awesome blog that y’all should definitely check out Cupcakes Take The Cake.   You will be so glad you did!

Well, it’s time to cook dinner as Ashley will be home soon.  Please keep us and all CDH families in your prayers.  So many of us are celebrating birthday and anniversaries that the next three months are hard.  Prayer is powerful people!