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Parker’s House – Part II
May 26, 2008, 10:56 am
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Parker’s House
May 25, 2008, 9:20 pm
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So, we went to the house today.  Driving up there I was filled with so many emotions.   I could feel her presence today.  I know she was there with us.  Giving her mommy and daddy a thumbs up.  This is real.  This is really happening y’all.  It seemed like such a dream until today.  We agreed today that we would contract “Parker’s House” for three years.  Can you believe that?  How awesome for CDH families! 

Well, it’s late and I have tons of work to do before the night is over.  I have included some pictures of the house.  Once it’s completely done I’ll take more.  I am putting together a list of things we need so if anyone is interested in donating please email me privately at 

Couldn’t Think of a Clever Title.
May 20, 2008, 9:52 pm
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There is so much going on right now in our lives.  I am working full-time at the law firm and then I come home and work full-time on the foundation.  Ashley is in the middle of planting season and working 10 hours a day unless he has a softball game, which happens to be three nights this week. 

I love watching him play.  Ashley is an amazing athlete!  It’s a huge commitment for him but he loves playing so I make sure I’m available to attend each game.  He hit a home run last night.  Not just any home run but a hellacious one! 

The foundation house is going great.  Thanks to Jenn we have a name.  Parker’s House.  I am having a wonderful sign made and cannot wait to show y’all.  We are going down there this weekend to take pictures and do some work.  We bought this great bunk beds for the kids room.  It’s a navy antiqued wash and will go perfect with the rest of what I have planned.  We had a furniture company donate a new leather couch and loveseat.  We are working on some more donations and are super excited about this project.  I truly believe that God has His hands in this project.  And I think He has a few angels assisting Him.  

I am constantly thinking of things that need to be done or bought.  It’s truly a hugh project and we have little time to get things in order.  Our first family should be in the home on June 17th.  They are April and Russell.  They are expecting a son, Seth, on July 6th.  Please continue to pray for this family as many of you know the journey CDH takes.   We are so excited that The Parker Reese Foundation is able to help this family.  It makes this all so real.  Two years ago I promised our daughter as she lay fighting for her life that I would make a difference in the CDH world.  That I would help a family like our own.  That I would do everything in my power to offer a safe place for families of CDH.  I never knew this is what it would feel like.  I see her smiling down on us.  Giving us a thumbs up.  We have so many other wonderful events planned and we are beyond excited about all the foundation will have to offer.  I am working on a blog right now.  The website it still being created and I’m saying my prayers that it will be done before the middle week of June.  There is so much work going into the site that it’s taking more time than we had anticipated. 

I am truly on cloud nine right now.  I am running on fumes these days and just trying to get done all that needs to be done within a days time.  There really aren’t enough hours in a day y’all.  This just seems like a dream most days.  But I’m living it.  And I’m enjoying every single minute.  Good and bad.  I  will probably walk away with a few more gray hairs ( I really do have them already) and maybe a few wrinkles but it will so be worth it. 

This journey has been so many things to me but never did I imagine that one day through all the tears I would be able to smile.  Thank you so much Parker for making me the person I am today.  For giving me this will and fight and courage.  For giving me hope.  For letting me make my mistakes and own them.  But more than anything thank you for giving me a reason to smile.  And thank you to each of you who have always been there for me and Ashley.  I am strapped in and ready for the rest of this ride.    Let’s see where it takes me…..


Going Shopping.
May 17, 2008, 10:06 am
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This will be a quick update as I will be heading out the door in a few to do some much needed therapeutic shopping. 

Please continue to pray for the people of China.  The devastation in that country is beyond comprehension.  There are new fears of the damns erupting and causing flooding.  These families need our prayers and this country needs our prayers. 

Also, pray for April and Russell.  They are a family here in NC that are delivering a son, Seth, in July with CDH.  This family is amazing and I am so honored to have gotten to know them. 

As always continue to pray for all families of CDH! 

We are doing good.  I will update more later but I’m out the door for now. 

Prayers for China.
May 13, 2008, 3:52 pm
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The death toll is up to 12,000 and 18, 000 are feared to be buried alive.  This country desperately needs our prayers and thoughts. 

Take a moment tonight to remember those who have been lost, those who are hurt and those who are yet to be found that they may find peace during this tragedy.