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I’m Doing It.
October 3, 2008, 3:03 pm
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So, I finally broke down and decided I’d do it.  I’m reading the teenager vampire book I swore I’d never read.  And I am completely addicted.  I am going to by  the other three tonight.  And did you know that there is a movie coming out on November 21st?  Yes.  I have the girls in the office addicted to the books too.  The receptionist is on book four.  She started reading theseries on Tuesday.  So is it possible to fall in love with a teenage vampire?  Yes it is.  Edward is amazing.  Where can I buy one? 

Also, I am super excited that Lipstick Jungle is back on.  I absolutely adore this show and all the people in it.  I was so not a Sex in the City girl and was afraid that this show would be much like the previous but it’s not.  If you aren’t watching it on Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. on NBC you should.  I cannot wait for Damages (FX) and Nip/Tuck (FX) to come back on.  Love that The Office is back.  And the new 90210 rocks.  I swore I wouldn’t watch it but I can’t help myself.  It will never be the original but it sure is good watching. 

Well, back to work.  Today is my nephew, Caden’s 5th birthday!  It’s hard to believe he is 5.  When I moved to NC he was 7 months old.  We are celebrating his birthday tonight and we’ll miss having Roger there with us.  Continue to keep him in your prayers. 

Oh yeah.  We have some awesome news about Duke and the foundation.  I’ll share that later this weekend.  Leave y’all with something to ponder……